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Kelly Prentice on the beauty of imperfection
What’s your path?

IMG_3909Have you ever embarked on a path and found roadblocks at every turn? The kind of roadblocks that stop you cold, or leave you reeling and emotionally spent. Do you believe that a rocky road is a sign that you are on the right path, and you need to persevere to learn the lesson you’ve been led to?

OR do you believe that a rocky road signals you to pause, perhaps choose a different path that flows more easily? I listened to a meditation by Deepak Chopra a few years back that shifted my perception. He said that when you are on the right path, things flow with ease. You do not need to push. If you encounter roadblocks or trouble around every turn, perhaps this is not the right path.

I followed Deepak’s advice at the time but I still hear both perspectives. What is your experience?

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  1. Carrie says:

    Mostly, I think Deepak is right. However, I think our culture tells us to push all the time. It tells us to work harder, that hard work pays off. That nothing is worth having if it comes too easily. Finding a balance between these two is the key, because you do have to do some work in order for things to flow. Things won’t just flow to you because you want them to or meditate on them. Some effort and intention needs to be brought forth, I think.

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