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Kelly Prentice on the beauty of imperfection
Nanas and Grandmas
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My Nana’s eyes sparkled.

When I envision her face, I sense joy and sorrow, victory and defeat, wisdom and humility all at once, but most of all, intense love through her eyes. She often sat in one chair when we came to visit and it now reminds me of my meditation seat. It was a large cushioned armchair where I always imagined she sat quietly and connected with God or Source when we weren’t there, alternatively reading from her Bible or her Reader’s Digest, and smoking the occasional cigarette. Later in her life, she’d flip on her pint-sized television and cheer on her baseball team.

When we were visiting, Nana would listen with quiet intent. She was one of the best listeners I knew, especially when I was a teenager and could use a listener. Her smile and laugh filled the room. She was good at being a grandmother.

When I see that kind of intense love and joy in my own mother, it takes me back. Now my Mom doesn’t get to sit in her armchair for very long, since she has been helping out so much with childcare (*Thank you!!*). But those days are coming. And she is GOOD at being a Grandma! I can see that she is the kind of grandmother who my children will gather round and admire for years to come, soaking in her zest for life, her knowing smile and her strength of heart. It is a beautiful thing to watch.

This is the kind of legacy I hope to carry forward. But Mom, you need a better armchair! LOL  Next year…

Happy Mother’s Day with love.

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  1. Tracey Smith says:

    ❤ Nana was THE best! I miss her every day…

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