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Kelly Prentice on the beauty of imperfection
Find the Gift

“I nurture my relationships with attention and appreciation.”

This was the centering thought for Day 11 of the “21-day Meditation Challenge” with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. These free audio clips are an incredible tool for beginning meditators.  Each meditation is deep enough –  yet short enough – to start beginners on a path of going inward. Check it out.

Why is going inward important? We have such an external focus in our world… It creates chaos in the mind and heart. By going within, you access a peace and contentment that you cannot find outside yourself. Yes, going within does bring up uncomfortable feelings at times.  But once you acknowledge those feelings, and practice more, you will eventually be able to go beyond them to your core – and at your core is LOVE.

This mediation series is about miraculous relationships. In the first week, both Oprah and Deepak speak about how to first nurture love of the self.  You must find the kind of unconditional love for yourself that you felt as an infant — that you are completely loveable — before you can share that kind of love with anyone else.

On Day 11, Deepak and Oprah speak of how easy it can be to extend your appreciation and gratitude to the peaceful relationships in your life.  Yet, “true transformation begins when you can find appreciation for the most difficult relationships.”

Oh yes, how true.  This is where our lessons lie: in the most difficult of relationships.  I think the way Deepak said it was “See if you can find the gift no matter how badly wrapped. How has that relationship helped you expand your understanding?”

Hmmm.  I know of a couple of these relationships in my life.  It is NEVER easy to find the gift, but so rewarding when you do.  For instance, one relationship has entered my life to teach me how to embrace harsh words and fearful/angry actions with even MORE love and kindness than I thought I had in me.

Here’s what I learned: Know that you are loved unconditionally and you are always loveable no matter what, then you can extend that kind of love to your relationships.

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