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Kelly Prentice on the beauty of imperfection
Fresh Starts
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We went as a family to see Rise of the Guardians at the ROXY Theater in Northampton last night (If you haven’t gone there, go!).  It was a beautiful and magical tale of light winning out over darkness. The Easter Bunny, voiceover by Hugh Jackman, had me grinning ear to ear with his Aussie accent.

Just this morning I had a moment of synchronicity. I was laying in savasana after yoga practice and thinking of my “inner resource.”  In the yoga nidra I practice, this is a safe haven where you chose to go in your mind any time, any where to feel completely safe and at peace…

Today my inner resource was in the Botanical Gardens in Wollongong, NSW Australia, where I spent much time alone in contemplation and peace in 1996.  As I pictured the gazebo where I’d sit, the red bridge, the fragrant flowers and the yellow cockatoos, the feeling it brought up was one of fresh starts and newness.  And then it hit me ~ One of the lines from the Easter Bunny in The Rise of the Guardians (who in my mind, represented Australia) was, “Easter is all about fresh starts and newness.”

I love making connections. Some may call it an “Aha” moment. Australia was my place of fresh starts.  Plus, I connect Easter with Australia in another way, since I spent Easter break that year traveling in Oz.  Soon, I will be back, friends.  “I feel it in my belly”–my favorite line from the Santa in the movie.

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