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Kelly Prentice on the beauty of imperfection
A “Slow Movement”
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One place I find Wabi Sabi is in my “to do” list. If I need to get certain things done, and I just can’t get them done that day–either because of circumstances or because I just am not in the right (creative) frame of mind–I no longer force it.  I put it on the next day’s “to do” list and know that it will get done when the time is right. To me, wabi sabi means there is no rush (unless there is a hard and fast deadline).

In the past year, there was a writing assignment that I just couldn’t get inspired to write, then one night I got going and I ended up staying up until 3 a.m. to complete it. Turned out really great and the client loved it.

I want to start a “slow movement.” I think people today are going way too fast, whether on the highway or through their “to do” list.

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