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Kelly Prentice on the beauty of imperfection

Have you ever embarked on a path and found roadblocks at every turn? The kind of roadblocks that stop you cold, or leave you reeling and emotionally spent. Do you believe that a rocky road is a sign that you are on the right path, and you need to persevere to learn the lesson you’ve […]


“I nurture my relationships with attention and appreciation.” This was the centering thought for Day 11 of the “21-day Meditation Challenge” with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. These free audio clips are an incredible tool for beginning meditators.  Each meditation is deep enough –  yet short enough – to start beginners on a path of going […]

Photo by Michael Prentice

A wise friend and teacher of mine, Jessica Brown, once said, “Just be quiet more. It doesn’t have to be meditation.” Does the idea of meditation intimidate you? Not to worry!  You don’t need to meditate.  But you might want to try these simple steps to find clarity about issues you thought were beyond your […]


One perfect example to illustrate how arbitrary child-rearing beliefs can be is the tale of Oran and his socks.