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Kelly Prentice on the beauty of imperfection

Fear, why do you need to hide? Pretending, as if I don’t see right through the farce, the notion that I am not enough.   I didn’t complete the folding of laundry, the writing of blogs or the trimming of little boys dirty fingernails. I failed to finish any one thing today.   But I […]

Yoga is not about getting better. Not about being good. It is about showing up. Every day. Practicing. Observing. I find this refreshing. Soul-filling. No competition. No pressure. Just show up. Practice. Witness. As a yoga practitioner and teacher, I feel blessed. My training with Raji Thron and Ellen Pfeffer at Yoga Synthesis helped me […]


Next month is Rivers Merge Dance Festival!  I am planning/co-directing this local dance event alongside Lafayette choreographer-in-residence Ben Munisteri for the Williams Center for the Arts stage(!). It’s unnerving, doing this for the first time, while at the same time it’s an honor and pleasure. In the month of my 40th birthday (!!), I’m planning […]

Have you ever embarked on a path and found roadblocks at every turn? The kind of roadblocks that stop you cold, or leave you reeling and emotionally spent. Do you believe that a rocky road is a sign that you are on the right path, and you need to persevere to learn the lesson you’ve […]

It’s a paradox I’m trying to figure out about work ethic in this time and place in history. On one hand, I know there is work to be done and I feel this sense of obligation to DO. Call it the Puritan work ethic, the Western mind, or the Virgo in me… And there’s that […]


A 30-day Nap Challenge? Now, that’s my kind of challenge! Nevermind the Tough Mudder and Iron Woman. Believe me, those 30 days were divine. Yet, after my  challenge, I knew my work had only begun… there was some sort of transformation around the bend. These audio yoga naps with Karen Brody connected me with part […]

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My Nana’s eyes sparkled. When I envision her face, I sense joy and sorrow, victory and defeat, wisdom and humility all at once, but most of all, intense love through her eyes. She often sat in one chair when we came to visit and it now reminds me of my meditation seat. It was a […]


There are so many Wabi Sabi surprises around every corner on College Hill in Easton, PA.  Here are just a few glimpses on my walk back from College Hill Nursery School! Yesterday, someone told me he had never been to Easton. He’d heard too many bad things about it.  On the contrary, I find Easton […]

Photo ç Laini Abraham 2013

This is a poem I wrote some time ago (circa 2002) and wanted to share. Stillness by Kelly Prentice Stillness… how rare and fleeting, If only waters ran deep, Shallow pools lack depth and meaning. If we could dive in with all of our soul Instead of treading water, The slightest disturbance empties our bowl. […]

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We went as a family to see Rise of the Guardians at the ROXY Theater in Northampton last night (If you haven’t gone there, go!).  It was a beautiful and magical tale of light winning out over darkness. The Easter Bunny, voiceover by Hugh Jackman, had me grinning ear to ear with his Aussie accent. […]